under the hood.

Cube26 has developed a unique and sophisticated technology that is designed to deliver a fully integrated natural vision control software solution. Presence Detection, Natural Gesture Recognition, Gaze Tracking, Face Body Recognition, Age/Gender Identification, Emotion Detection and Gaming Interaction software makes the communication between users and devices natural and seamless. Our goal is to let people not learn how to communicate to devices, but rather have devices understand natural human commands and gestures.
Natural Gesture Recognition interprets human gestures via mathematical algorithms. Gestures can originate from any bodily motion or state but commonly originates from the face or hand. Cube26 is able to provide users with the ability to communicate with devices using normal, everyday gestures, such as:
  • Shh! to Mute: Putting your fingers to your lips and doing a 'shh' gesture to mute or unmute a television show.
  • Stop to Pause: Extending your arm slightly and forming your hand in a 'stop' gesture to pause or play a movie on your laptop.
  • Wave your hands to move slides in a business meeting.
Gaze Tracking

Gaze Tracking technology provides the capability for analysts to know if consumers are looking at their content and what part of the content is most observed. Cube26's gaze tracking technology can determine the point at which an individual is looking at content and uses the information found to substantiate research and gauge consumer interest.

Gaze tracking follows eye positions and eye movement as it scrolls up and down a page. Users are able to scan through digital pages on their device, hands free. Look Away to Pause: While watching a video, look away from the screen to pause the video. Redirect eye position back to the screen to continue where the video left of. Not missing a thing while your attention was diverted. When cooking in the kitchen, with full hands, scroll through a recipe using only your eyes.

Age/Gender Recognition

Using age ranges and gender identification software, Cube26 is able to detect an individual's age and gender and use the information collected in advertising analytics. Results will cater particular advertising, programming and products to appear only for the relevant demographic. To protect and respect privacy of all users, the software does not capture and store images but rather uses ID numbers and code.

Parental controls activated on your TV recognizes and blocks adult programming when a child under the age of 12 enters the room.

Emotion Detection
When engaging with content, the initial and immediate reaction is a very important factor in the position that product takes in an individuals mind. Cube26 is able to capture that moment of emotion and determine how a consumer reacted to the product, engagement or advertisement. Using our advertising analytics, we can draw conclusions on the influence the content had on the user. Similar to age / gender detection, the software does not record user images.
Presence Detection
Presence Detection software powered by Cube26 can determine if an individual is present in a room or passing by, by understanding natural implicit behaviour. The technology does not require any pre-registration or log-in to acknowledge a person's existence. It is not only able to detect one person but multiple people at once. In addition, our Walk away to Pause feature will pause video if no one is detected, and turn off if they are unwatched for a longer period of time. Walk into your living room, you television will not only know you have entered, but if more people entered thereafter. At a nursing home, the tenants computer recognizes that they haven't got out of bed during the day and pages or texts a nurse or family member.
Face/Body Recognition
Face and Body recognition technology uses digital camera sensors to extract features and map identifying points on a person's face and body. This technology is fully capable of tracking a user's face and body in diverse sets of orientations, form factors and lighting conditions. Face recognition software on your home computer/tablet or mobile device senses someone unauthorized is using it and either blocks accessibility.
Gaming Interaction
The gaming industry has moved away from traditional consoles to interactive gaming experiences. Cube26's software solution is compatible with standard control systems that are embedded with front facing cameras, leveraging this sensor input. Cube26 framework is not only able to extract information on consumer engagement with the game but also to incorporate most of the information available into the game itself. For example - play/pause using natural gesture recognition, play the game using gaze tracking and sensing interest of gamer using emotion detection.